LMA provides legal advice and representation to our clients in relation to all matters pertaining to employment, labour and the complex legalities of human resource management, for both white and blue collar employees.

Such services include advice in relation to hiring, termination of employment, regulatory requirements, disciplinary proceedings and dispute resolution including representation before labour courts and tribunals.

We assist local and foreign corporates with all aspects of their labour and employment law concerns, such as day-to-day labour law issues, social security, hirings, terminations and layoffs, compensation arrangements and wages and advising the clients in respect of trade unions.

We regularly draft and review documentation of clients in this area of practice, including employment contracts and HR manuals.

Our expertise extends to assisting our transactional counterparts with the labour aspects of M&A, joint venture and corporate reorganizations.

  • The Firm was engaged by DLA Piper UK to act for its client, Uber, to advise the client on labour issues in light of the labour law regime in Pakistan with specific emphasis on restrictive covenants, working time/ overtime, maternity/ paternity leave, record retention policies and tracking of disabled employees. DLA Piper UK LLP had clients based in Pakistan that were affected by the changing legal and regulatory requirements for businesses in Pakistan due to the Covid-19 crisis and required legal opinions and corresponding documents in this regard specifically with respect to termination of employees, both clerical and managerial. We were required to review the multiple directives and notifications issued by the relevant authorities of each province of Pakistan that varied depending on the approach that the provincial government had taken in respect of managing the Covid-19 crisis. Furthermore, we were required to review the newly promulgated laws and the application of such laws, read with previous relevant laws, to the actions to be undertaken by the foreign clients in Pakistan. An integral part of the advice and documents provided was that a standard modus operandi and standard documentation be prepared notwithstanding the differences in the crisis policies of each province.

  • LMA has recently given comprehensive advice to Finca, Puma, Aman Foundation, Bank of Tokyo and Kennedys on the regulatory provisions, payments and procedures which are applicable to redundancy of white collar employees such as managers and executives in Pakistan. We also reviewed, revised and commented upon a mutual separation agreement which may be employed in the future to document the termination of employment to ensure that all deliverables of the employees were handed over to the employer pursuant to the same, simultaneously documenting the benefits to be granted by the employer to the employee in this regard.

  • We have been engaged to standardise employment contracts of all tiers of Engro Pakistan. LMA has drafted the said agreements and has advised the client from time to time in respect of the same.

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