Client Centered Approach

In the present rapidly changing and competitive business environment, clients' demands and expectations from their lawyers are also changing. One area which is a usual cause of concern for clients is the inaccessibility of lawyers once the matter has been delegated, coupled with the lack of responsiveness and timely advice. LMA is and always has been known to be responsive, responsible and available for its clients’ needs regardless of the time or day resulting in consistent stream of local and international accolades.

With a clear vision of becoming a ‘law firm of the future’, we take pride in claiming that we are focused squarely on our clients’ needs.

Our watchword is ‘Client Value Proposition’, i.e. the value we can deliver to our clients. To this end, we have created a value-driven client service model, unique to the legal profession and a modern approach to providing, delivering and managing client and legal services. Our service model combines innovative client care protocols, legal matter management, and enhanced use of progressive technology solutions, thereby delivering tangible results for our clients in the form of consistent and efficient quality legal services, and improved communication and collaboration. In addition, we have invested significantly in solutions and technical resources, which are used by top-tier international law firms globally, in order to provide our clients with superior service at par with international standards.

We are also able to distinguish ourselves, as client-driven, based on our ability to understanding the uniqueness of each client, rather than viewing all clients in a generic fashion. We firmly believe that a particular strategy or solution for one client may not be suitable for another, even if they operate in similar sectors, and, therefore, we seek to bring a creative insight and fresh approach to every matter.

Our legal strategy is devised after carefully listening to our clients’ needs and issues, and developing a sound understanding of the business of our client and the industry in which they operate. Once the best strategy has been devised, we aim to advise our client in a timely, transparent, friendly and straightforward manner, thereby allowing our clients to fully understand the rewards and risks associated with each option.

Moreover, our collaborative approach ensures that if a particular matter requires a unique set of skills or is multi-jurisdictional, we will be able to provide you with our recommended and trusted network of like-minded, leading, independent law firms, counsels and consultants, who share our values and provide expert advice and dedicated services ensuring that you receive the same level of client care as you do with us.